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Are you still Happy Weaving and Dyeing?

 Get Inspired!

Chiaki has started the school artist in residency as a resident artist of this school year at the Blake School on Oct. 5 and will have a show reception on Oct. 13 (Tue.) 5-7pm at the Blake School Northrop Campus (511 Kenwood Pkwy. Minneapolis, MN). Everyone is welcome! She will teach SAORI, K-12 grades!

Living Loom

Studio FUN is the authorized SAORI Weaving distributor and Bengala Dye Distributor in the U.S.

A 5 minute film about six ladies I work with through SAORI Weaving.
We received a honorable mention from ReelAbilities:Minneapolis-St. Paul Disabilities Film Festival.


33.8 fl oz.(1 liter) large pack Bengala Dyes are also available! 
Because of the exchange rate, Bengala Dye 3 color set is now $30/set if you purchase directly from Studio FUN.


AijyouASK FOR DETAILS!    3.4oz/100ml $24
Known as a Bengala Company, “Kosyokunobi” now also directly imports natural Indian Indigo from a manufacturer in Southern India. This high quality indigo is from “Indigofera Pseudotinctoria” which belongs to fabids family. This indigo color is entirely hand-processed, from planting the seeds to manufacturing.
You can enjoy this beautiful Indigo blue that is grown in a large field with ample sunshine.
You can use this dye just like other Bengala Mud Dye colors. Yes, it’s EASY. Please contact me for the details.
Debut Price $20 till Dec. 31, 2015

Upcoming Events, Festivals & Classes!

Bengala Dye classes for Youth at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota during the MEA week. (Oct. 15 & 16)
Please go to the Weavers Guild of MN’s website and register!!http://www.weaversguildmn.org/classes/fall-2015#youth

SAORI Brings Everyone SMILES!

Adult B-Day Party

 No experience needed. Just come and enjoy the process of weaving with your friends!! (from a Birthday Weaving Party)
Studio FUN Offers:

    • Regular classes
    • Intensive courses
    • Birthday parties (Yes! There is a place to do fun Birthday parties in Carver County! Weaving party or Bengala party?)
    • Summer Camps / Seasonal events
    • Off-site workshops / demonstrations
    • Drop-in lessons (Trial)
    • SAORI instructor training
    • Artists in Residency (We are one of the teaching artists for VSA Minnesota for SAORI)
    • We are the SAORI authorized dealer for SAORI looms, books, and equipment.

    Call and reserve a studio right now. 952-393-7985

    SAORI Free-Style Weaving Studio “FUN” is an authorized SAORI looms and accessories dealer of SAKAI Seiki Sangyo Co. Ltd. Osaka, Japan.