Bengala Dye Classes at Saori Studio Fun

Let’s Try Bengala Dyeing class (up to 2 hours/children are welcome)                                                                                                 Bengala class
-Introduction of  Bengala Dye story
-Play with Bengala dye tie dyeing, free-style dyeing the material (scarf, t-shirt, shawl)

Fee: $30 plus material you choose ($7-$24)

Let’s use some tools and dye class (up to 2 hours per course)
Course A: Itajime Shibori(clamp dyeing)
Course B: Katazome (stencil dyeing) on a canvas tote bag
*You can mix both courses in a class as well.

Fee: $30 plus material you choose ($7-$24)

Stencil, Dye, Paint and Weave
Course A: Making your own Kata (stencil) and dye
Course B: Weave your own scarf/shawl on a SAORI loom and dye (all day class-6 hours)                      Bengala dye
Course C: Warp painting and weaving a scarf  (all day class-6 hours)
★Course B&C–Warp will be set for your weaving project. You can weave right away!

Fee: Course A $30 plus material you choose ($7-$24)
         Course B $80 including material
         Course C $80 including material 

Custom made class available upon your request.
You can bring your own material to dye.
Contact for details.

Birthday parties (theme parties), Summer Camp, School Residencies, Off-site workshop/Demonstration/Presentation available