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Star Points by Dan O'BrienStudio FUN instructor Daniel O’Brien is also the author of the Japan Series, “Mysterious Stories Related to Japan.” Book one is “Star Points: Connections Old and New.” Find his titles at:





Bengala Dye Manufacturer
Kosyokunobi (Nakajima Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japan)

SAORI no Mori—SAORI no Mori is in the woods. “Relax and Weave!”

NPO SAORI-HIROBA (VSA arts of Japan) 

SAORI Studios in North America
Atelier Fringe SAORI Free-Style Weaving

SAORI Worcester

New York
Loop of the Loom -Weaving Arts-

HanDen Studios: SAORI Weaving Peachtree City
SAORI Spirit

SAORI Studio LA -Weaving from the Heart

British Columbia
SAORI Salt Spring 

Please go to the SAORI Weaving Studio Directory to find a studio near you.
SAORI Global

Affiliated Organizations
VSAThe International organization on arts and disability
VSA of MinnesotaDan and I are their teaching artists
Weavers Guild of Minnesota—Chiaki teaches SAORI and Bengala Dye
Textile Center (Minnesota)—National Center for Fiber Art

From Death to Life—Healing Weaving program

Mu Performing Arts–Chiaki is a Taiko (Japanese Drum) performer and Dan is taking Taiko student.

Tea Source–Chiaki teaches Gong Fu Style Tea